Organization – Accounting Supervision

At KMservices we know perfectly well how to safeguard the business and how to organize and maintain a high level of its Accounting affairs , constantly assessing and informing its personnel about the current legislative and accounting progresses , inspecting its work and overseeing every application of law and accounting principles. Undertaking, simultaneously, the complete and elegant handling of all the cases of the company towards the State and the Insurance Organizations.

For the lawful, smooth and more efficient operation of the Accounting Office and the Financial Services Department, we provide the following specialized Services:

  • Study, preparation and implementation of a new Accounting Plan, if and when required, according to the needs of the company.

  • Analysis and study of the Accounting Procedures of the company for the most effective performance of its operations and the most productive function of the Accounting Office.

  • Design and proposals of Forms where needed.

  • Study, quality control and implementation of the current Information System or proposal, if required, of a new System.

  • Study for the Automation of the Accounting operations.

  • Staff Evaluation and Assignment of Responsibilities and Duties.

  • Organization of a Control System of Accounting and Management Processes, as well as Commercial Management.

  • Organization of Services for the Preparation and Control of Financial Statements, the export of Periodic Outcomes and Financial Data (Reports) and Financial Indicators.

  • Organization of the Services for the Preparation, Monitoring and Control of the Financial Budget and the Cash Planning.

  • Control of application of the Tax, Labor – Insurance and Commercial Law, as well as of the Accounting Plan and the Principles of Accounting, through sample checks of the Accounting Records and the Data of the company.

  • Design and Implementation of the Internal Audit System of the Accounting and Inventories.

  • Audit Agreement, which is carried out on a sample basis, and the monthly Balance Sheets.

  • Export and Analysis of monthly Results and Financial Indicators, if it is possible to calculate the cost of goods sold.

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