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1What is the GDPR and how does it affect businesses?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation aims at the expansion of data protection in the era and times of big data and cloud computing, ensuring that data protection is a fundamental, consistently regulated right throughout Europe. Its goal is to facilitate the flow of personal data in all EU Member States while strengthening the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals as well as the legal framework in all Member States. The General Data Protection Regulation applies to all entities (private and public companies, state authorities, associations, hotels, online stores, etc.) who manage, process, store and distribute personal data, whether or not they have their headquarters and activity in country of the European Union or not, provided that the data relate to European citizens or relate to any kind of services and goods to European citizens.

In terms of personal data companies are invited to:

  • Collect them for a specific legal purpose and only what is necessary.
  • Do not subject them to further processing in a manner which is incompatible with the purpose.
  • Update them.
  • Store them for the shortest possible time required.
  • To receive - as the case may be - the free and clear consent of natural persons. • Transfer them to non-EU countries only under certain conditions.
  • Provide access to personal data to their associates only under certain conditions and if they prove their compliance with the new regulation.
  • Develop electronic tools for timely and free response to requests for: Withdrawal of consent, access to data, correction of data, deletion of data, restriction of processing, delivery of data in electronic form, transfer of data to another body.
  • To properly and timely inform natural persons of their rights.
  • Ensure the security of personal data throughout their life cycle.
  • To notify any data breach within 72 hours to the Personal Data Protection Authority and to natural persons by direct information or public announcement.
  • To prove that they comply with all the requirements of the Regulation.
2Why is it useful to join an accounting company?

The act of choosing reliable partners is something quite rare in the modern business environment. However, it is also more necessary than ever.

Joining an accounting company has many advantages, most importantly the best information, knowledge and services provided by a number of specialized partners in various fields, who will be on your side for any issue that arises (accounting, tax, audit, legal) with full Confidentiality, directness and surely at a much lower cost.

  • Lower cost
  • Directness
  • Safety
  • A variety of services
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