Real Estate Declaration and Lease

Each legal entity, which has from January 1st any right to real estate is obliged to submit a declaration of real estate data (E9).

When is there an obligation to submit a property lease?

Landlords – sub-tenants of real estate and those who make use of land and real estate are obliged to declare, electronically, all the data of the initial or amending leases or the concession of use, regardless to whether it is a written or oral agreement and regardless to whether rent is paid in cash or in kind. Those who provide free housing up to 200 sq.m. are exempted from the obligation. In order to be used as a main residence for ascending or descending individuals.
Also, in the case of termination of a lease, the lessor is obliged to declare the termination of the lease till the end of the month following the termination.

For which leases is there an obligation to submit?

In which cases is a lease declaration submitted?

There is an obligation to submit for:

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