My Data

Our team can help you navigate the myDATA Digital Platform of A.A.D.E. and optimize the management of your financial data.

What is the myDATA digital platform

As “Digital myDATA platform of A.A.D.E. *{Independent Authority of Public Revenue} ” or “myDATA Platform” indicates the digital platform for collecting data transmitted to A.A.D.E., which is accessible through the website of A.A.D.E. and contains in detail and accurately the total income / expense transactions of the entities that keep Accounting Records, according to the Greek Accounting Standards and which reflects the accounting and tax result of the entities.

How are Wholesale Document Summaries transmitted?

Through which transmission channels are the Summaries of the Retail documents forwarded? 

Until when are the data transmitted per transmission channel according to Decision  1138/2020?

Summaries of Vouchers for Self-invoicing Expenditure-Revenues.
Regardless of any obligation whatsoever or non-submission of a VAT return and maintaining the accounting system (haplographic-bibliographic), are transmitted to A.A.D.E. as below indicated:
The data related to the recipient of the goods or services (domestic entity) are transmitted to A.A.D.E. until the submission of the relevant VAT return, as follows: 
Income – Expenditure Settlement Accounting Records: 

The income / expense adjustment records defined herein shall be transmitted until the submission of the income tax return, with the exception of the payroll entries, the data of which shall be transmitted until the submission of the relevant withholding tax return.


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